Groom Attire

Never underestimate the effect of the groom’s attire on the overall look of the wedding. Great styles are not just for brides. Wedding suits for grooms are available in various stylish options to choose from. All eyes will be on you as a groom. The grooms need to know the dress code. Then, they need to understand what is appropriate for each dress code. Formality is honored in most wedding scenarios.

People will probably have to say more about the bride’s attire than the groom’s outfit at the wedding. After all, it is your wedding too! You should take this opportunity to look at your best version. Your style starts with a unique groom tuxedo or suit. You may face many groom styles before you start shopping. Try to determine the formality of your wedding. Is it a black-tie event? Or a more relaxed party on the beach?

As a groom, you may be unsure where to begin; we are here to help. Before jumping into a sea of endless questions about groom’s attire, you need to consider some etiquette. Follow this blog and the rules to look stylish when saying” I do”—looking for more style advice and tips? Keep reading this for a detailed guide on what every groom should know when dressing for their wedding.

Rule #1: The Groom’s wedding Attire should fit the formality.

As the groom, your outfit should be appropriate for the wedding venue and match the vibes of the ceremony. If you decide to have a beach or outdoor wedding, you can wear something more casual (lighter-colored suits with light fabrics like seersucker or khaki). If you go for an evening affair in a hotel, a well-tailored suit or tux can be an appropriate option. In an extra-luxe venue, a white tie is a perfect attire.

Rule #2: Bride and Groom Attire Should be in Harmony

Your wedding day is the first time you show off your style as a couple, making it a memorable match! As a groom, you may not know exactly what your partner is wearing; you want to ensure that your styles match together. A lightweight linen suit cannot be a good choice if she goes for a ball gown. It’s essential to have a monotone theme for your wedding attire. Brides are interested in opting for fashion-forward and stylish wedding gowns.

Groom Attire

Rule #3: Your Body Type Should Dictate the Suit.

Do you like to look flawless? Dress according to your body type. Most tuxedos and suits will look suitable for tall and slim body types. If you prefer to look broader, try a double-breasted suit. A fitted suit with a bit of a nip in the waist can be an ideal choice to slim down. Dark colors show you slimmer. In order to add some height, go for a two or three-button jacket with a low button stance.

Rule #4: The Fit Should be Perfect

Fitting is everything. Even the most expensive tux will look awful if it doesn’t fit right. You should be able to move and dance and twist. Every groom’s attire should be custom tailored, whether you rent or buy it!

Groom Attire

Rule #5: Your Look Should Coordinate with other Party Attendants

Traditionally, the groomsmen wear the same or similar attire to the groom. The whole wedding party should have a cohesive style. The groomsmen wear attire can be the same or similar to the groom’s attire; it’s up to you. The ultimate look of the groomsmen’s outfit depends on you, but don’t forget to match their outfit in style and feel with yours. All attendants need to have the same vibes in style.

Groom Attire
Groom Attire

Rule #6: Your Accessories Should Set you Apart.

As a groom, you need to have a unique look. It’s time to have extras. Being a one-of-a-kind person at the wedding is all about the details. Go for a special boutonniere or a bow tie, necktie, or vest in different colors and styles. If your wedding palette has two main colors, you can opt for one of the colors while other guys wear the other. Don’t be afraid to involve your personality in your outfit.

Groom’s Attire by Season

One of the other factors that may affect the groom’s attire is the season.


In warm weather, formal attire may sound stuffy. The fabric and color are the key factors in determining the groom’s outfit. In warm weather, go for more breathable fabrics.

A beautiful navy blue suit or light grey suit would be a fantastic choice for the groom. Lighter colors work better for spring. Black and navy tuxedos are seasonless.


 Like spring, light colors and breathable fabrics are a good option for summer. Cocktail attire would be a great choice. For a beach wedding, fabrics such as linen add a little more texture and comfort.


Fall wedding attire is about richer fabrics, such as flannel suits or brushed cotton suits. A fine-wale corduroy suit is always a great way of dressing. Keep in mind that a polished coat, like a classic polo coat with a lovely cashmere scarf, would be an excellent match.


The vibes of formality are more potent in winter. We highly suggest a white-tie or black-tie attire. Obviously, formal suits and tuxedos make it possible to wear thicker fabrics appropriate for cooler temperatures.

Which Wedding Dress Code is Perfect for You?

White –Tie

White-Tie is the exact one if you want to have a synonym for formality. The most formal type of dress code. It’s all about the details. If your wedding day attire is top-notch, White-tie is the best choice. The white-tie features tuxedos, a white pique vest, a tailcoat, and a white bow tie.


Black –tie is a classic dress code. There is so much fun in fabrics; you can add textures and details to show a more sophisticated style. As for accessories, both bow tie and tie are acceptable.

Groom Attire

Formal or Black-Tie Optional

A dark-colored suit is a key factor for a formal or black-tie optional dress code. A dark navy suit or charcoal grey suit will be an elegant attire for the formal dress code. Wear a white shirt, and wear a tie that matches the suit.


Cocktail attire is one of the most casual dress code options for grooms who want to dress as they feel most comfortable. This dress code gives the brides more freedom and flexibility in what to wear. Feel free to break the mold. A cotton poplin suit or a sports coat can be good options for cocktail attire dress code.

Semi-formal or dress casual

Semi-formal or dressy casual attire is tricky. It can be interpreted in different ways. A non-traditional suit is one of the best approaches to semi-formal events. This dress code attire is the best place to express yourself with lighter-weight fabrication such as madras or linen in warm weather. For colder seasons, like fall, flannel could be more appropriate.

Groom Attire


If you decide to have a holiday-time or theme wedding, festive will be the best dress code. It is a dress code for breaking the tradition. You can have fun with tartan, pair a tuxedo with a jacket with tartan pants and enjoy the fun attire. This dress code is fun. How about a velvet blazer with trousers and no tie? Fun and fantastic.


A casual wedding makes it challenging to choose the groom’s attire. It does mean the groom can appear in a wrinkled T-shirt and jeans. A cotton-linen chinos, non-iron shirt, or navy blazer can be appropriate options. Even in casual setting, you should be elegant.

Groom Attire

What Grooms Should Avoid Wearing for the wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable times to be the real version of yourself. It’s all about personal interpretation. There are a few pieces of advice and tips to keep in mind when choosing attire for your nuptial. fI you want to look great, avoid wearing jeans or a t-shirt or nothing ripped or torn. Whatever outfit you choose, get it tailored and make sure it fits. The worse thing about a wedding is an ill-fitting suit. Put time and energy into your attire to be a perfect match for the bride.

Groom Attire


The groom’s wedding attire is as important as the bride’s. Many factors are important when a groom starts searching for his outfit. The formality of the wedding, season, the bride’s wedding dress, and the groom’s character play an essential role in finding the best groom’s attire. The wedding attire for the groom should be something that shows the groom in his best version. Whether you go for a white-tie dress code or a casual one, pay attention to the details and opt for a cohesive style that matches the whole wedding.


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