The history of the wedding veil as one of the most classical parts of bridal accessories goes back to Greek and Roman times. The ancient people believed that wearing a red sheet that resembles fire over the bride’s face could protect them against the evil spirits and demons trying to ruin their delightful gathering. While in some other societies and cultures, the veil was used to hide the bride’s face from her husband, traditionally thinking it would push away bad luck and bring the newly engaged couple with good fortune and blessing.

Anyway, the concept and usage of this distinctive and culture-bound ensemble have been modified throughout history. In contrast, today, it is almost likely to be considered a matter of beauty and fashion.

There are multiple points that every stylish bride has to be concerned about while deciding on her wedding gown. Based on our experiences in designing wedding dresses, one of the most commonly asked questions is how to find an ideal wedding veil well-suited for the bride herself and the wedding dress.

Regarding the latest fashion trends for bridal dresses, we are offering you five simple but excellent tips for choosing your perfect wedding veil.

1. Strat with the veil length

At the very first step to finding your dream bridal veil, let’s start with its length. A certain veil length best fits with some gowns, so you have to look for a style that complements your overall silhouette, which does not interrupt your stunning look. According to experts, there is a practical explicit distinction among the different types of veils regarding their length as the shorter ones like bandeaus, birdcages, and blushers models mostly indicate a bit more informal or retro edge to your look, in other hand ballet, chapel, and cathedral styles as the longer veils almost lean in the way of tradition and formality.

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2. Choose your Wedding veil color

Not to mention that the veil color can make a big difference in how the gown may look on you. A wide range of colors are currently available for bridal veils; white, ivory white, diamond white, pink, and even some sharp color like red. We strictly advise you to be sensitive enough to choose a color for your veil that is matched best with your bridal dress. 

3. Don’t forget to choose the perfect fabric for your wedding veil

Based on your ultimate expected look, there is a wide range of fabrics such as ribbon, tulle, silk, and glossy silk that you can choose between your favorite one. However, the most desirable material has often been soft tulles made explicitly for making veils. The choice of fabric is mainly a matter of your taste yet in any way keep in mind the harmony between the different parts of your wearing.

4. Find a hairstyle and make-up that goes best with your wedding veil

The veil can be worn with almost every bridal hairstyle, but its placement is of great importance. So it is highly recommended to decide on your hairstyle before choosing a veil as it may affect where you are going to place and how to support it. If you are fascinated by a hairstyle with a lot of volume on its top, don’t forget to choose a veil not to cover your hairstyle down.

5. Consider your personality type, favorites, and also the culture while deciding on your wedding veil

The wedding ceremony is supposed to be the most memorable and dreamful day of your life, so it is worth considering your favorites and personal desires in every single step. You will be the star of this party, so everything should indicate your brilliant and unique personality, and choosing a wedding veil is no exception to this rule. Plus, You may have to consider your family culture and traditions while thinking about your ultimate choice as someone may like to wear a veil style that duplicates their granny’s memories and options!

We are always beside you to have the best choices, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help.

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