Look for the perfect plus-size wedding dresses for your figure? There are many wedding dress styles for every body type. So you do not have to limit your choices if you look for plus-size bridal gowns. 

Wedding shopping for your dream dress can be stressful, mainly for finding the luxury silhouette that suits your body shape and makes you unique. So, Laguna Bridal Boutique, a luxury bridal boutique in Laguna Beach, CA, listed the best plus-size wedding dresses for you before booking your bridal appointments.

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 1-A-Line Wedding Dress

plus size wedding dresses

A-line wedding dress is among the most flexible styles for brides. Therefore, this flattering silhouette is an excellent option for the bride who’s ready to dance all night and feel comfortable. It is mostly known for its skirt for showing off the bodice waistline towards the hem. 

This wedding dress style is great for curvy brides who want to show their beautiful bodies with a jaw-dropping bridal dress. 

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 Luxury A-Line Wedding Dresses by Laguna Bridal 

With the best wedding dress designers, Laguna Bridal provides every beautiful bride-to-be with the best collections of a-line wedding dresses. So if you are about to plan a wedding in 2022, do not hesitate to come to our luxury boutique and find your dream dress. 

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2-Ball Gown

A ball gown makes every bride feel like a princess.

Ball gowns include a slim-cut bodice and a bell-shaped skirt. This fairytale dress is an ideal style for pear-shaped brides to show off the smaller upper half.

The silhouette focuses on the waist and hides the lower body. So, if you look for a perfect plus-size dress, consider wearing a ball gown. 

 3-Simple Wedding Dress

plus-size wedding dresses

A simple gown with a minimal design is perfect for any bride on their special day. Minimal design makes the crowd not just focus on what you’re wearing but focus on you. This is a trendy style in the current year, which will continue to be popular in 2022. you can also add great bridal details to your veil, bouquet or wear stunning accessories such as a necklace.

 4-Sheath Wedding Dress

The sheath wedding dress has a long, slim silhouette that highlights your body’s natural shape.  This wedding dress is elegant and straightforward, allowing you to pay attention to your jewelry, hair, or other details. 

So if you’re looking to find a modern and comfortable dress, this is an excellent choice. Moreover, this slim shape makes you look taller. 

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5-Mermaid Wedding Dress

Searching for a sexy wedding dress style that smooths and flatters your curves? Consider choosing a mermaid wedding dress for your special day. This bridal gown silhouette is a trendy plus-size bridal gown as it creates that vixen-y hourglass silhouette.

This silhouette suits all body types that will never go out of fashion. By various fabrics, this stunning design can look both simple and sparkling. 

 Dreamy Mermaid Wedding Dress by Laguna Bridal

Our professional wedding dress designers can design the most stylish mermaid wedding dresses that flatter your curves. So if you are about to plan a wedding in 2022, we are here to help you find your dream dress. 

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plus size wedding dresses

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are sexy and glamorous, perfect for plus-size brides. This type of bridal gown creates a triangle shape and emphasizes your mid-section while highlighting your upper body. 

An off-the-shoulder dress wedding is all about romance. It can work with any fabric, which means you can wear this design no matter your wedding style.

 7-Bridal Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits and pants are incredible offers for curvy brides who look for stylish and sophisticated options. A jumpsuit is an elegant option when you don’t feel like wearing a dress but looking sexy and modern. Overall, if your body is a little heavy, you can still be gorgeous in a jumpsuit.

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 8-Long Sleeve Dresses

With long sleeve dress, you can show your curves and your stunning figure. This elegant silhouette is the perfect option for the fall or winter seasons. 

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Long sleeve wedding dresses come from a variety of gown shapes. You will see a whole range of bridal gowns from Mermaid, A-line, to sheath silhouettes. Therefore, you don’t have to limit your choices in shapes if you want to follow this trend in the following year. 

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At Laguna Bridal Boutique, with offering the best bridal services and professional wedding dress designers, our team makes every bride-to-be feel special on their wedding day. 

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