Bridal bouquet

Matching your bridal bouquet to your wedding dress is all about finding a balance between the two. Consider color, style, and size to create a cohesive and complementary look. A monochromatic bouquet can enhance the color of your dress, while a mixed bouquet can add texture and interest. The size and shape of the bouquet should also complement the style and silhouette of your dress. In this article, we’ll provide tips to help you match your bridal bouquet to your wedding dress. 

Consider the color

It’s important to consider the color of your bouquet and how it will complement your dress. In general, pastel hues are best for spring weddings, while darker shades work better in winter. If there is one thing to remember when choosing a bouquet color, it’s that you want everything about your wedding day look–from head-to-toe–to be cohesive.

What is the best way to do this? Think about what shade complements both your skin tone as well as hair color (if applicable). For instance, if someone has fair skin with blonde hair, then an orange bouquet might not be the best choice because it could clash with both their complexion and hair color. Instead, opt for something more neutral, like white or ivory instead!

Match the style

Your bouquet should match your wedding dress. This is an easy rule to follow, but it’s also one of the most important ones to remember when planning your bouquet. Your bouquet should complement the style of your dress and its color, as well as any details that are unique to it.

For example, if you’re wearing a white gown with lace sleeves and flowers in the fabric around the neckline, then adding some greenery or even some small flowers would work well with these elements. Or if you have a short veil with feathers pinned on top, having something like peacock feathers in your bouquet would be nice too!

Bridal bouquet

Pay attention to the size.

When it comes to bouquets, size does matter. The general rule is that your bouquet should be big enough for you–and others–to hold comfortably without feeling awkward or like it’s too heavy. If you have long arms and large hands, this may mean a bigger bouquet than someone with shorter arms and smaller hands.

You’ll also want to consider the size of your wedding dress when choosing a bouquet; if your dress has an embellished bodice (like lace or beading), then a small bouquet with just a few stems is ideal so as not to overwhelm the look of your gown. On the other hand, if your dress has minimal detailing but lots of volume (i.e., tulle), then go ahead and get creative with how many flowers you incorporate into your arrangement!

Bridal bouquet

Take the season into account.

The season should also be considered when choosing your bouquet. Summer bouquets are light, springtime bouquets are bright and colorful, and winter bouquets are dark and rich. When in doubt about which season to choose as your theme for your wedding day flowers (or if you’re not sure what kind of flowers bloom during each season), it’s always best to consult an expert florist!

Bridal bouquet

Don’t forget about the details.

Your bridal bouquet should be a reflection of your personality and style, but it also needs to complement your dress. You want the two elements to work together seamlessly, so think about the little things: Are there any flowers or other decorations in your wedding gown that could look great in your bouquet? Do you prefer something more traditional or modern? Is there an overall color scheme for both your dress and flowers? 

Remember that it’s a special day, and spend some time looking for the perfect bouquet that complements your personality, style, and wedding theme. Don’t rush into it. The last thing you want to do is end up with a bouquet that doesn’t fit your vision or personality, so take your time and think about it. Pay attention to details like ribbon trimming and other embellishments on the bouquet.

Bridal bouquet

A good time to start picking out your bridal bouquet 

A good time to start picking out your bridal bouquet is right after you find your wedding dress. You can start looking for the perfect bouquet as soon as you know what your wedding dress will look like because then it will be easier for you to find inspiration from the season and from other aspects of the wedding that have already been planned.

Ask your bridal party for their opinions on what they think would look good in terms of flowers and colors, even if they’re not going to be carrying them down the aisle with you!


We hope that these tips help you find the best bridal bouquet for your wedding day. Remember to keep in mind the season, style, and color of your dress when making this important decision. Ultimately, choose a bouquet that you love, and that makes you feel beautiful on your special day. The more time you spend looking for the perfect flowers, the better chance you have of finding something unique and special!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Don’t let this task fall on your shoulders alone. You can ask family members or friends for their opinions on what they think would look good in photos and in person. Your bridesmaids might even have some ideas about what kind of flowers would work best with your dress and makeup style. 

Don’t forget about experts either: At Laguna Bridal, our aim is to offer one-of-a-kind wedding dress services to our brides. Are you unsure whether a bridal gown consultation is necessary? Let us assist you in your wedding planning journey with exceptional customer service and a personalized experience. Don’t underestimate the importance of a bridal consultation. 

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