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Making a bold statement and sticking to it is the easiest way to plan an event that feels seamless and represents you – and we promise, it will make your life less stressful while you sort through all the possibilities. Therefore, before you begin looking for dresses, hiring a band, or taste cake, think about the big picture of your bridal style you want to achieve.

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First, Consider the Big Picture

Dreaming is where the process begins, so don’t worry about the bridal style or its costs. Be frank with your parents and don’t think about what they might think. 

Think about the wedding you would like to have. How does it feel? When all of your thoughts are coming together, here are a few questions to ponder. 

What bridal style would you rather wear as your wedding dress: a modern, classic, rustic, romantic, or opulent look?

What’s better, eating outside or inside?

How formal or informal is the tone of the venue?

What time of year is it: spring, summer, winter, or fall?

Second, Collect and Save Ideas

Take the time to look through bridal journals, booklets, websites, and real wedding photos to get an idea of what you want (and don’t want). It would be best if you didn’t confine yourself to only the time-based approach. Something as seemingly innocuous as the pattern on wallpaper or a gorgeous design on perfume packaging can spark an idea. Textiles, color chips, paper, and jewels are excellent sources of inspiration. We offer bridal styles ranging from rustic to glam, and everything in between, in our professionally designed (and free) wedding website themes. I find it incredibly useful to make an encouragement board. You will also be able to recognize common patterns and visualize the effect of their combination.  

In the fashion world, there is much more to fashion than just fabrics. It is even more crucial to consider bridal fashion when it comes to your big day.

In this article, we’d like to introduce you six different types of bridal styles, along with the locations associated with each one: romantic, classic, boho, modern, glam, and nontraditional.

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As a bridal fashion designer, Pedram Couture designs about one hundred wedding dresses a year, which allows him to create styles in addition to wedding dresses. The designer’s clothing combines classical elegance with a contemporary vibe.


  • Gown style: The recollections of the past inspire your daydreams. The tender romantic in you exudes beauty and femininity. For you, details are everything: Roses and wildflowers, plenty of candles, exquisite cuisine, and friends and family define your day. “Moore’s dress by Rodarte features a ruffled tulle skirt and floral detailing on the bodice,” Hurwitz explains.
  • Make up style: You’ll find airy tulle and floaty chiffons, as well as lively lace and floral appliqués. Decorative hair vines, delicate earrings, and a statement veil will complete your love of flowers.” Hair color and make-up should complement the feminine and romantic vibe. A rosy blush and a natural pink lip would be appropriate make-up choices. You might want to try a soft hairstyle like a loose chignon or soft curls.
  • Venue style: When you imagine your rustic barn or French-inspired countryside wedding, you dream about wearing an ethereal gown that sways in the breeze.

Stunning Bridal Gown for a Unique Celebration

Bridal style


  • Gown style: If your bridal gown looks great at a formal event, so will your formal event. You adhere to a long-established and time-honored tradition. The only thing you wear is white gowns. A dramatic cathedral-length veil is your favorite accessory, but you also enjoy classically styled structured dresses.With today’s clothing style, you can picture lace details and a tiny waist just as easily as you can fifty years ago.
  • Make up style: No matter what era you choose to put this together, it appears refined and sophisticated. All table settings and accessories, as well as the gown, are treated the same way. To keep the look elegant and unique, you might pair diamond or pearl stud earrings with heritage family jewels or your mother’s veil.

It is not unusual for the classic bride to opt for a simple hairstyle and neutral make-up on her wedding day. No matter what we do, she wants to appear her best, even if that means wearing a styled bun or a curl and wave half-up and half-down. 

  • Venue style:Wedding ceremonies in churches or gardens are very common, while receptions in estates and ballrooms are perfect for stylish events. There are various colors to use for a color scheme, from soft pastel shades to black-tie colors, including navy, black, and white. It is common for brides to wear princess-style ballgowns and carry floral arrangements such as roses and peonies.

Important Factors to Be a Modern Bride or a Classic one in 2021?


  • Gown style: As a free-spirited individual, you love music, art, and fashion. It’s not uncommon that you spend hours scrolling through Instagram to find just the right vibe in your surroundings. Your gown evokes a chic hippie aesthetic in a casual yet elegant style, a perfect blend of craft and grace. Make-up and hair are light and look natural on you. Your wedding was as stunning as a sunset.

In terms of a boho wedding style, people tend to think of flower crowns in the hair, but that’s not always true. Your dress, surroundings, and accessories need to reflect those elements to achieve a seamless and blissful vibe.

Furthermore, the gown’s skirt featured a boho element atop the sequins and beading. Boho wedding dresses can be simple sheaths, gauzy A-lines, and even chic separates, but they are often associated with crochet lace, fringe, and bell sleeves. The silhouette of boho wedding dresses tends to be flowy, accessible, and loose of fuss.

  • Make-up style: Practice smooth, mellow colors, like bronze and terracotta, as complementary cosmetic colors. For a hairstyle, wear a flower crown with long, loose waves. To achieve the boho vibe, add the baby’s breath to the braids to complete the look.
  • Venue style: “rustic wedding” is often associated with burlap, cowboy boots, and mason jars. Since rustic weddings first appeared at weddings, however, they’ve evolved a lot! Today, “rustic” is defined as having a natural feel or being boho in some way. As decorations, consider leaves and twigs from a forest. You could plan a farm wedding with organic food woven into the floral designs, for instance. The bride might wear a floral crown during her wedding on a mountaintop.

The concept of a rustic wedding refers to anything less formal, more natural, and adventurous. The contrasting of distressed elements (such as an old wooden barn) with elegant elements (such as simple white floral decorations) is where the “rustic chic” concept surfaces.

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  • Gown style: This design is timeless, clean, and modern. You look ladylike and prepared. As sophisticated and elegant as you are and it fits wonderfully, too. As you browse Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, you are meticulous with the details of your event. 

A modern bridal style includes adjacent elements, just as a classic or romantic style does. Stylish and glamorous, the dress was sleek, sophisticated, and relaxed. Its clean lines, architectural details, and unfussy materials like crepe and silk satin bring that essence alive for your gown. In addition to those iconic wedding gowns, we suggest looking at designers like Pedram Couture dresses.

  • Make-up style: To incorporate the modern bridal style elements into your wedding, keep your hair accessories and earrings stylish and fresh. The most reliable companion for hairstyles is a lightweight gel. You can slick your hair back in an innovative and sophisticated way, whether it’s up or down. Clean skin, plenty of mascara, and a bold lip are vital to looking fresh and beautiful when you wear make-up.
  • Venue style: Modern, contemporary, and cut-edge describe a bright wedding with simple décor. With a fresh, fashion-forward aesthetic, modern weddings are the antithesis of ‘Classic Weddings.

Galleries, museums, and industrial-chic warehouses are popular places to host modern weddings. Keeping other décor elements like flowers and linens simple can help keep the venue the focal point. However, some contemporary weddings opt for stunning details, like Kate Spade stripes and jam-packed bouquets. No matter how minimalist or modern your wedding is, it’s always high style.

Sexy Bridal Dress to Wear in a Modern Wedding


  • Gown style: Are you looking for something sophisticated, stylish, and modern? Your wedding is coming up!

The simplicity and elegance of your tailoring are what define you. Modernity oozes from your relaxed style and simplicity. You prefer sleek lines and simple silhouettes. While you may be the minimalist in your circles, you are meticulous in selecting stylish details.

Despite your simple, modern grandeur, your event and you are majestic. A Hollywood-inspired bridal style isn’t too far off the beaten track when it comes to bridal fashion. A glamorous bride loves drama, sparkly beads, feathers, and anything with an air of sophistication. The dress should have extra unique details such as removable overskirts and dramatic capes to lead those elements.

  • Make-up style: The best hairstyles for a glamorous bridal look? You must think about adding a tiara or a sparkly comb to your hair to finish the look, or you can wear dramatic curls and a pretty comb to give an Old Hollywood feel. Adding make-up to a glamorous bride is as vital as adding make-up to a movie. Make a bold and sexy statement with smokey eyes or bold lips. By using make-up, draw attention to one feature while keeping the rest relatively straightforward. Choosing a sultry smokey eye with nude lips and clean skin, such as a bright red lip with lots of lashes, is a stylish way to go. It’s all glam if it glitters. All things shiny are on the menu here, including sequins, metallics, and crystal chandeliers. If you believe glitz doesn’t go too far, you might enjoy a glamorous wedding.

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  • Venue style: The lavish nature of a glamorous wedding has earned the sumptuous and elegant feature, too. Gorgeous floral arrangements, shimmery linens, and sparkling bridesmaid dresses will fit in perfectly. The glitzy décor of a Gatsby-style mansion or a high-end country club is appropriate for them. Also, glam weddings are an excellent venue for showcasing stunning wedding trends, like champagne towers, flower centerpieces, and sequin table linens.


Finally, the bride’s desired talk first! How does a bride feel about her first big day? You can find your perfect gown by thinking about what you want to look like on your big day. A dress that reflects your best self should extend your personality, an expression of how you wish to appear. Through this blog post, I hope to help you determine your personality type, thereby narrowing the field and ultimately leading you to your perfect bridal style.

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