Watching a bride in a black wedding dress is not unusual anymore. More and more brides choose to wear a black dress for their wedding. Throughout history, colors in clothing have represented a person’s personality, emotion, and social status. The color of the bride’s dress matters even more because, during the wedding she became the center of attention. Regarding the legacy of a white wedding dress during the last decades, maybe the brides doubt whether it is a good idea to follow their heart and choose what they want or follow the tradition.

In this blog, we are going to answer the following questions. Is it ok to wear a black gown at your wedding? What does it mean?  What factors should you consider as a bride when deciding to wear a black wedding dress?

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What Is the Origin of Black Wedding Dress

The origin of the black wedding dress has a long story; it can be traced back to china about 3,000 years ago. During that time, brides and bridegrooms had to wear a pure black dress with a red belt. 

Spain had a relatively recent history of wearing a black dress for weddings. It was a custom for Spanish brides to wear a black gown with a veil called a mantilla.

In contemporary times, women who desire an unusual and different but unique and have a robust look, opt for a black gown. Black is fashionable and symbol of elegance and power. For brides who do not care about tradition and superstition black gown is a great option.  

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Why Would You Consider Wearing Black Wedding Dress? 

Every bride should consider many factors before choosing the most important dress in her life, the occasion is unique, and the bride has all eyes on her. Here are some important practical reasons for choosing a black dress. 

Black Dress is Practical:

Black gowns give you the ability to enjoy on the wedding day without worrying about dirt or stains or ruining your white and clean dress. Not as delicate as the white dress, black gowns give you the ability to dance and socialize with your guest.

Black is Beautiful:

Black makes you attractive. Don’t deprive yourself of this stunning look if you look gorgeous in black. Black is classy and formal in the meanwhile, so sexy. If you want to have a stunning and sophisticated appearance at the wedding, black is what you want.

Black Dresses Make Wonderful Contrast Photos:

Black is flattering in photos. If you plan to get married in winter, the contrast between the snow and black bridal gown will be spotless. Are you looking for a gorgeous and unique set of photos? A black dress is the best.

Black Gowns Have a More Reasonable Price:

All dresses and accessories will be more expensive when labeled “bridal”. It means that a black wedding dress with the same design and material is less expensive than a white dress. We recommend you look for a dress that is not labeled a wedding dress. 

Black Gown is Different:

Are you tired of a traditional white wedding dress? Are you looking for something different? There is nothing wrong with a white dress, but choosing another against the norms makes it memorable for you—most of your friends and family will admire you for your brave decision.

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What Factors should You Consider Wearing Black Wedding Dress

Brides everywhere break the norms and choose to have black wedding gowns for their nuptial. Here are some points worth considering if you want to pick a black dress for a wedding.

Consider Wedding Reception

When you want to consider a black dress for your wedding, considering the vision for the ceremony or reception is essential. It would be better if you pick your venue first and imagine what the day will be like. For instance, a backyard wedding with twinkling lights would match your dark garments. If you plan for a beach or church wedding, black is inappropriate.

Observe Your Guests

Black is a popular color, so it is better to decide on a dress code for your guest. You may expect to see more than thirty women in black dresses. Would you prefer to blend with your guest or stand out? Consider choosing a dress code on your wedding invitation if you like the last one.

Pay Attention to the Importance of Veil, Hair, and Accessories

When you finally decide to have a black wedding dress, you should first decide about the veil. A dark veil makes your look gloomy, as if you are mourning. Bright colors are a better choice.

If you want to have a veil, pick something with a perfect match with your dress, or something like a crown or flowers can be a good alternative.

You can have a different choice depending on your wedding’s formality. You can sweep your hair into a chick bun to replace your veil.

Accessories are an inevitable part of every wedding dress with any color. After choosing your dress, you should find jewelry or headpiece to match your dark garment. Simple jewelry or something sparkling! That’s your choice.

Pick Your Style

No matter what color your wedding gown is, you should decide on your style. Black wedding dress is not typical, so you may have difficulty finding what you have in your mind and confront some limitations. Call your bridal boutique and ask about their black dresses. This way, you don’t have just one option to choose from.

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What Styles of Black Wedding Dress Available in Bridal Shops?

Wedding dresses come in various silhouettes, no matter Black or white. According to your body shape and your desire, you have different options.

Ballgown and A-Line Black Wedding dress:

Black make the bodice slimmer, especially with tempting A-line silhouettes. You look terrific in black. Did you know that black was a sign of aristocracy? The only upper class of society has the right to wear a black wedding dress? Bridesmaid dresses were under this rule too.

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Black and White Wedding Dress:

More than 150 years ago, black and white wedding dresses became trendy in the time of Queen Victoria. Nowadays, black and white bridal gowns started to attract attention. If you are not interested in having a lot of blacks, you can decorate your black dress with white decoration. We suggest hanging on white florets, narrow goods, and lace. A black wedding dress with a white bow or belt is a good idea. Adding accessories with a smutty tint can be helpful to lighten your garment.

Black bridal Gown with Sleeves:

A black gown with sleeves is the favorite style of many wedding dress designers. Black wedding dresses are the trend of modernity. They are luxurious but not pretentious long sleeves. If you have a winter, autumn, or spring wedding, the perfect choice is here.

Gothic Black Bridal Dress:

Themed wedding is new increasing popularity among bridegroom. You can add more excitement and beauty to your wedding. Having a gothic wedding does not mean the wedding is gloomy and scary. If you choose to have a gothic wedding, your wedding dress doesn’t have any specific standard. Every bride chooses what she likes, with no limitation.


  • What does a black wedding dress symbolize? Black is a symbol of elegance and class. It also represents sophistication, power, sexuality, formality, mystery, wealth. Black is also known as an eerie code and odd option for brides.
  • Is it ok to have a black wedding dress? A black wedding dress is as gorgeous and elegant as a white one. If you have a traditional wedding and your guests are conservative, maybe having a black wedding dress is not the right choice, but you are the person to have the final decision and can make a deep impression on your guests you can pick a black wedding dress. 
  • Why did brides wear black? You are the bride, do whatever you make happy. A black wedding dress is a fashion statement. If you are comfortable with black and this color looks good on you, go for it! There are many styles in a black wedding you can choose to be the happiest bride.
  • Are you allowed to wear a black wedding dress to a Catholic church? Dark colors usually were used by the priest, not for ceremonies, but everything changed! The rule of no black at the wedding is not used anymore. There is no color rule for the congregation. Traditionally, white represents purity, and it was associated with Vesta, the goodness of health, home, and family, and her transition to a married Roman matron. So a church wedding doesn’t limit your choice. 
  • What cultures wear black to weddings? Spanish brides traditionally wore black wedding dresses when other brides had colorful options for their wedding dresses worldwide. The black color represents the bride’s devotion to his partner until death does them apart. 
  • Do I have to wear white for my wedding? Wedding dresses are available in various colors. Brides have no longer limited options. Designers have brought colored wedding gowns to the bridal fashion shows. Therefore, brides started choosing their wedding gowns according to their interests and stepped away from tradition. However, all colors have meaning. They each represent certain feelings, emotions, and states of mind. You might want to keep this in mind when selecting a color. 
  • What does the black wedding color mean? Black has lots of meaning, wealth, power, elegance. Wearing a black wedding dress is not weird anymore. You should wear whatever makes you happy and the make the occasion more special in your heart.
  • Is it ok to wear a black dress to a summer wedding? If you decide to have a beach wedding, Black is not a good option.
  • What should I not wear to a wedding? There is no limitation for colors. You are allowed to wear what color you want as long as it is not white! White traditionally is a symbol of the bride. If you live with conservative and religious people who are not okay with black, it could not be the best choice. In short, watch your surroundings and learn the culture and religious acceptance of the people around you before choosing the dress.


Women are changing. They are more powerful and independent and rebel against tradition and superstition. Listen to your heart. What can please you? Don’t go for something because the world goes for it. If you want a black dress or any other color from the bottom of your heart, don’t hesitate to go for it. Diversity makes the world more exciting.

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