Persian wedding

Persian weddings are formal and glorious. For Iranians, marriage is an event that must be memorable. Shopping for a wedding gown is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The distinctive fusion of ancient and modern traditions makes Persian weddings a unique event. As a bride-to-be, you may face the important question, “How can I pick a perfect wedding gown for the most important day of my life,” but it can also be incredibly overwhelming and challenging with so many gowns to choose.

Finding your ideal wedding dress is a stressful procedure. You are about to choose the most expensive garment in your life. As a bride, you may face a new language which you have to decode-tulle, A-line, fit and flare, sheath, etc. Facing all the options that you should consider is a pressure the brides confront.

This blog post will give you the tips that the brides should take into account before wedding dress shopping. No matter your budget, timeline, or personal style, we want to help you find your dream wedding dress.
In order to have a perfect and unique look, it is important for the bride to choose the best wedding dress from a well-known luxury bridal shop that knows what is an ideal match for the bride according to the wedding venue, body type, and theme of the wedding. A bridal shop that knows the dress etiquette for Persian weddings. For brides who want to look gorgeous at their weddings,

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Here is a list of useful tips for brides before starting the wedding dress shopping journey.

TIP1- Start Your Research about Wedding Gowns Nine-Ten Months before the Wedding

We recommend ordering your wedding gown 9-10 months before the wedding to have enough time for alteration and delivery. In Persian weddings, bides wedding dresses are luxurious and delicate. Complicated alteration like adding beading or modifying the neckline or train takes a long time, so take it into your wedding timeline. Make the wedding shopping a pleasant experience by on-time searching.

TIP2- Pick Three Adjectives to Describe what you Like About Your Dream Dress for a wedding

How do you prefer to remember yourself on your wedding day? Classic, modern, vintage, glamorous, romantic? You need to have a clear picture of how you want to look on the wedding day. Having three specific words to describe your vibes helps you have a clear picture of what you have in your mind and narrow down your dress selection. Persian weddings are glamorous. Don’t forget to include it in your description.

TIP3- Find a Great Bridal Shop that offers Wedding Gowns According to Persian Wedding Etiquette

Ask your married friends or read online reviews to find a bridal shop that carries dresses you like and has excellent customer service. You as a bride, don’t have extra time to waste in the wrong bridal shop. Finding a bridal shop with various styles allows you to choose your dress according to your wedding theme and your standards. If you have a Persian wedding ahead, glamorous and off-the-rack wedding gowns are required!

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TIP4- Bring the Right Undergarments

We recommend you bring a nude thong and strapless bra to your Wedding dress shopping. You can see the gown’s overall look if you don’t wear a suitable undergarment.

TIP 5-Keep the Season in Mind

Season and weather affect your choice of wedding gown. If your wedding is Aguste in a warm location, go for lightweight fabrics. But if you have a winter wedding, go for fabrics like satin or taffeta.

TIP 6- Order Early to Avoid Rush Fees

Producing a wedding gown is a time-consuming process. Placing your order 8-12 months in advance means avoiding rush fees.

TIP7- Don’t Pick up Gowns above Your Budget

Be realistic about your budget. Don’t pick a dress just as much as your budget. If you set 2000 $ aside for a wedding dress, it doesn’t mean that you can get a 2000$ gown. Consider tax, alteration, and shipping.

TIP 8- Know the Wedding Gown Silhouette Before Shopping

Bridal gown silhouette includes six main categories: A-line, Sheath, tea-length, Fit and flare, ball gown, and mermaid. Select your right silhouette before you find yourself in the bridal gown terms. You find out immediately which works best for your shape. Choosing the right and fit silhouette for your body type helps you narrow down your wedding dress option range.

TIP 9- Narrow Down your Favorite Wedding Dresses in a Social Media (Pinterest board)

The internet allows you to browse hundreds of the latest styles in bridal dresses and make a list of your favorite bridal gowns. You can focus on the similarities among the dresses that draw your attention. The designer, fabric, or silhouette can be an important factor for you.

TIP 10- Avoid setting your Appointment on the Weekend

Obviously, it is worth taking off a day and enjoying searching for your favorite gown in a quiet place with the sales staff’s full attention to your priorities. Setting your bridal shopping appointment off-peak time makes shopping less stressful and more efficient.

TIP11- Limit your Dress Shopping Crew

The more people you invite to the most important purchase of your life, the more possibility that you will become confused or overwhelmed. our specialist recommend bringing one or two of your loved ones with positive vibes to accompany you. Try to get honest and positive people.

TIP 12- Imagine How do you Want to Feel Wearing your Wedding Dress

How do you imagine yourself on the wedding day? Modern, chic, sexy, traditional? You’ll find the dress once you face the true feeling you want to evoke on the wedding day.

TIP13- Keep an Open Mind when Trying on Gowns

It is impossible to judge a wedding gown while the dress is on the hanger. Maybe it seems like a so-so dress in the first look, but as soon as you try it on, the dress turns into a spectacular one. This is also the case when a charming dress you have been pining online, disappointed you as soon as you see yourself in the mirror.

TIP14 -Be honest with your gown consultant

Talk to the wedding consultant if you want to have a pleasant wedding dress shopping experience rather than stressful and exhausting shopping. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself to not hurt their feelings. If you don’t like ball gowns or particular kinds of bodice types, tell your stylist to opt for dresses that are more close to your target style.

Do you want to consult with the professionals? At Laguna bridal boutique, we give you a professional experience for your wedding dress shopping. If you have consolation, contact us.

TIP15- Test How you Feel in the Wedding Dress

On the most important and sentimental day of your life, it is very important to feel comfortable. Before you choose a wedding dress, walk up and down, dance, and sit down with the dress. It is not essential to wear a trendy dress, but opt for what flatters your body. You don’t want to spend your most pleasant day fighting the wedding dress instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself.

TIP16- Don’t get hung up on the dress size

Bridal sizing runs small, so picking two sizes bigger than your usual size is logical. Alteration can be done to have a perfect fit. We recommend ordering your bridal gown according to your current waist, bust, and hip measurements. Don’t rely on the assumption that you’ll slim down in time for the wedding and pick a small-size dress.

TIP17 -Choose a dress that makes you happy

Unfortunately, it’s widespread among the brides to get a dress because everyone else wants her to wear it. It’s a big mistake. This is your day. You are the only one to make the right choice. It is crucial for a bride to feel beautiful and confident on her big day. Imagine yourself in a beautiful dress walking down the aisle with the dress, and if you enjoy the imagination, that is a sign that your search is over.

TIP18 -If you are plus size, Call Ahead. Before choosing your bridal boutique

Call ahead to make sure that they offer plus-size wedding gowns. For a bride Nothing is worse than getting to a bridal boutique and finding out they don’t have any wedding dress for your size. If the bridal salon doesn’t offer your size, ask them if it is possible to get some in before your appointment.

TIP19 -Try on a Non-White Gown

If you want to have a modern and unique look, trying non-white wedding gowns is a good decision. A black wedding gown is a good option for brides who looks for a one-of-the-rack appearance. A survey showed that 14 percent of brides would wear a colored wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Blush, bold red, and ivory are the options for brides who want a non-white wedding gown.

TIP20 -Pose for Photos in Different Angles

While trying the dress, ask a friend or family member to take pictures and videos of you. Make sure to take pictures from different angels to have a comprehensive picture of the dress.

TIP21- Book Early If You Prefer a Destination Bridal Shop

Searching online gives you the vision to go for the right bridal salon. Finding the right bridal salon gives you the chance to consult with a knowledgeable consultant and access to a variety of dresses by well-known designers.

TIP 22 -Relax and Stop Looking

Finally, after a compressive search, you find your dream dress. Now it is time to relax and stop searching. You will be the star on the wedding day.

Persian weddings are glamorous. If you want to stand out as a bride, you need to know how to pick the perfect gown. A bride in a Persian wedding is the center of attention. Your gown is the factor that determines the wedding theme. So, regarding the factors we discuss, what are the most important things a bride should consider choosing a wedding dress? Which one of the above tips is useful for you? Let us know.


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