Every modern style of wedding dress was inspired by trendy fashion. From 2010 to 2020, wedding gowns have changed to keep up with fashion during the last decade. 

Have you ever sat down with your relatives like your mom or grandma and looked at old wedding trends? You would be surprised how many of those bridal gowns have come back. 

In this blog, we will go through the trendy wedding gowns for 2010 and 2020 and the upcoming years to make it easier for you to know the latest styles. 

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2010s Stylish Bridal Dresses in Orange County

In the 2010s puffy bridal dresses, including chiffon, floaty tulle layers  & white organzas that create a classic look, became popular and trendy. In that year, brides went back to traditional styles, and also veils were back in fashion. Throughout this decade, brides-to-be often went for wedding gowns that flatter their body type and suit their personalities.

The most popular bridal gowns in the 2010s are: 

1-Lace Wedding Dress

A lace wedding gown was one of the trendy looks for the 2010s, which has never gone out of style. It makes you elegant, feminine, and absolutely stunning. To be specific long sleeve lace bridal gowns were highly stylish. 

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, a long sleeve lace wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, was one of the primary purposes of lace popularity in the 2010s. 

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2- A-lines Wedding Dress

An A-line dress hugs the waist area, flattering the bust while creating a slimmer waistline. It makes a bride look taller with its overall slimming effect. It is the perfect look for adding lace, beads or even leaving it as a modern and minimal figure. 

For example, Megan Markle wore a long sleeve A-line bridal dress with a clean and structured fabric in 2018.

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3- Mermaid & Trumpet Wedding gowns 

Mermaid & Trumpet wedding gowns were trendy styles in the last decade showing slim and curve-hugging skirts that shape the body from the chest to the knee. These styles emphasize the waist and hips. Trumpet dress is somehow different with its straight-lined skirt, which cuts in at the knees before creating the tight flared skirt. A trumpet gown is a more toned-down version of a mermaid dress. 

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Stylish Wedding Dresses for 2020 in Laguna Beach 

As a new decade begins, modern styles and fashion show up. At the beginning of the 2020s, new wedding dress styles were introduced. Some were the same as the previous decade, like a Mermaid wedding gown which has never gone out of style. 

1-Mermaid Bridal Dress Suitable for 2020

Although Mermaid bridal dress is the same as it was called in the 2010s, few details have changed as the new decade comes. 

The below wedding dress is a lace mermaid gown designed with a beaded bodice and lower back. Pedram Couture, one of our designers, created a modern and luxury wedding dress for 2020 by combining lace and mermaid wedding gowns. 

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2-Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are classic wedding dresses that instantly give you the Cinderella look on your special day. The silhouette emphasizes the waist and even hides the lower body. The ball gown dress is timeless and worthy of creating a fairy tale. This style includes a slim-cut bodice and a bell-shaped skirt. 

3-Jumpsuit Bridal Gowns 

Jumpsuit bridal gowns are comfortable, figure-flattering, and make a modern bridal moment. 

In 2020 bridal trends, shimmery fabric, detachable sleeves, and allover lace gave jumpsuits a modern update.

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What to Expect for Wedding Dress in Upcoming Years? 

It is predictable that wedding gowns are becoming more practical as well as their unique and luxury style. For example, adding pockets to make a functional wedding dress comfortable enough to wear is in style for 2023 and even after. 

Colorful wedding dresses offered by bridal boutiques are trendy now. Colors like light blue, pink, yellow will be more famous than ever.

In conclusion: 

From 2010 until 2020, various wedding dresses have been designed according to updated fashion. From Lace, A-Line in the 2010s to Sheath, Ball Gown, and Jumpsuit in 2020. 

Laguna Bridal Boutique in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach is pleased to provide you with the most luxury wedding gowns based on your interests. 

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