Wedding dress designers need essential plans to start their business. It can be challenging to think of business ideas for your industry without asking for help from experts. So, as a well-known marketing agency in Orange County and Los Angeles, PurpleZ put the essential ones for you. 

By reading this blog, you will find out strategic planning that every designer, including wedding dresses, should know to run their business in 2021. 

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1-Create Your Brand Strategy

If you are about to open up a bridal shop, you need to create a business plan which is not as easy as it seems. This plan requires a ton of planning and estimating, just like other industries. A good thing about this business is that you don’t need to go to a school to learn how to start and run your business. Your brand is more than your logo and services. It requires business skills, including overall business management skills, accounting skills, bargaining skills, customer service, and networking skills to make an effective brand. 

Professional Growth Strategies 

Vital Elements of Brand Strategy for Every Wedding Dress Designer

You have to come up with a suitable development plan that guarantees your business success. It will help brides to trust your services and make them be your customers. Therefore, make sure to use these essential elements in your business plan. 

  • An Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Products and Services 
  • Competition Description 
  • Operations & Management
  • Financial Statement

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2- Creative Website for Bridal Shops & Designers

After defining your brand, creating a website for your business is essential.

Almost every business needs an appealing website to attract people to use their services. By creating a great website, you can convert every visitor to be your actual buyer. So rely on a practical web design to entice customers. 

As a wedding dress designer, you can benefit from this business plan the most, as your business is dependent on showing pictures and videos to entice brides. 

For making your website, you should consider these important factors: 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is writing creative content that educates or entertains people to trust your brand and your products. Every bridal boutique and wedding dress designer publishes various blogs to make this happen. Also, this boosts your ranking on search engines which helps people find you easily on search engines. 

On-site SEO (Search engine optimization)

By implementing SEO on your website, you have better chances to be on the top SERP(Search Engine Results Page). For example, using related keywords and content to your business will boost your leads. 

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3- Social Media Marketing for Wedding Dress Designers

Social media is a crucial way to grow every business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  and Pinterest are the most powerful platforms for online advertising. Indeed, The beauty of social media for markets like bridal shops is that your message has the capacity to spreading to thousands of possibly interested people.

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Use Mostly Pinterest & Instagram 

If you’re not using Pinterest for your bridal shop, you miss a great way to boost your business. 

Pinterest is a powerful platform for increasing traffic to your website and other channels.

Brides mostly use Pinterest for inspiration for their wedding dress and their bridesmaid’s gowns. 

Find Effective Hashtags

More than half of internet users are between 18 and 29. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you should look to find your potential customers on social media platforms. The primary way to make this happen is by using trendy hashtags. You can include 30 or more smart hashtags on every post to find your audience. By searching what people are searching about wedding dresses and designers, you double your chances to find better hashtags. 

Try discovering hashtags with 100,000 to 500,000 posts related to the wedding dress industry. 

Run Facebook & Instagram Ads

First, as a startup, you have to set up a Facebook & Instagram Business page. Consider these platforms as a mini-website, creating a high-quality profile and visuals, strong call-to-actions, and links to encourage people to know more about your services. 

Once you set up a business page on Facebook and Instagram, you can start running ads.

To begin this journey, start with Facebook’s Blueprint Training, as it’s free and helps you to learn about its gesture. 

Create a professional social media marketing 

4-Video Marketing for Wedding Dress Designers

As it was mentioned, videos and photos are wedding dress designers’ compulsory marketing plans. You are aware of visuals strengths for future brides to trust you to design their dream bridal dresses. But in 2021, you should be more creative to attract people. Video ideas that will get your wedding business noticed

It’s common to forget to update these visuals, but they are the first thing a couple sees when visiting your social platforms. Creating a portfolio or gallery on your website, posting exciting videos or photos of your wedding gowns would gain more people to get to know you. 

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Extra Tips to Grow your Business as a Wedding Dress Designer in 2021 

There are other practical ways to start and expand your industry. The most important ones are: 

  1. Partner with Related Businesses.
  2. Take Part in Trade Shows.
  3. Create Free Guidebooks.
  4. Respond to all reviews.
  5. Interview your best clients.
  6. Be a podcast guest.
  7. Send your past clients anniversary cards.
  8. Create helpful YouTube videos.
  9. Ask questions on social media.

In Conclusion: 

In this blog, we tried to answer your questions about starting your business in 2021 if you are a wedding dress designer.

Did you find this blog helpful? Comment below. 

As a well-known wedding shop in Laguna Beach, we like to help you grow and work with you if you are a professional wedding dress designer.  

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