Organizing your wedding planning may pressure you and make you stressed instead of enjoying your special time.

The second you get engaged, you may wonder how and when to hold your perfect wedding. 

As a luxury bridal boutique in Laguna Beach, California, Laguna Bridal guides you on how to plan a wedding organized and on track, whether you want to have it next year or next month for fewer or many guests. 

We want to help every bride and groom planning your wedding in a fun and easy way like you have always dreamed of. So, keep reading to see how you can plan your wedding professionally. 

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1-Set a Precise Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget will guide you on what you can spend, how much you can truly afford, and you could save. Setting a precise budget makes you feel comfortable making a clear decision without going into debt. Take as much time as you need to figure out how much money you want to spend before moving into any further planning.

Categories you should consider while setting your budget include: 

  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Venue
  • Food & Drink
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Honeymoon
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Flowers

Your wedding budget is the most critical aspect of your wedding decisions, so this should be the first thing you tackle. And remember, once you’ve got your exact number, stick to it. 

7 Steps to Make a Good Wedding Budget

One of the vital wedding to-do lists is taking a close look at your wedding funding. It may be stressful, but try to look at it as an exercise in making wise financial decisions. If you want to have a realistic budget, here are a few beneficial tips that allow you to have a unique wedding. 

  • Discuss With Your Partner About What You Can Afford
  • Find People Who Are Happy to Contribute
  • Create a Rough Guest List
  • Set Aside 15% of Your Budget
  • Block Out Your Biggest Costs
  • Prioritize the Rest of Your Budget
  • Stick to Your Budget

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2- Choose Your Wedding Theme

It is the time when you should decide on which type of wedding you want to have. From formal, casual, to theme wedding, you need to figure out what your wedding would look like. The first way is to write your ideal wedding with your partner. Then, look at the items each of you wrote and consider the most important ones.

Also, after checking out bridal magazines, social media platforms, especially Pinterest and Instagram, and real weddings, you will be more clear about your wedding style. 

And once you’ve decided on a theme, don’t change it; try to ignore anything which doesn’t fit in.

What Are the Key Questions to Picture Your Perfect Wedding?

The key questions to consider are:

  1. How many guests do you want to invite? Everyone you know or just family and close friends? 
  2. Do you want to hold it outdoors or at Home? 
  3. Desire to have it in your current city or away? 
  4. What is your wedding style? Modern, classic, fancy, romantic, rustic, or vintage? Or somewhere in between? 

To plan a wedding perfectly, you should answer these questions accurately and honestly to make your dream day come true.

3-Create Your Wedding Guest List

Once you decide what type of wedding you want to have, it would be easy to determine the guest’s numbers. For example, you can’t fit 300 people into a lighthouse. So, would you like to have a luxury ceremony for each guest or throw a fun party for all friends and family?

Keep in mind that more guests mean spending more money, mainly catering costs per person. 

Both location and your budget will have a significant influence on your guest list. Therefore, before starting to find wedding venues, get an idea of how many guests you want to host.

4- Choose Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the essential wedding decisions as it would be your main memory. 

But after deciding on your wedding theme, finding your perfect venue would be so much easier. 

First, search wedding venues near me, for example, in Orange County, California, on the Internet and review their capacity of guest numbers, cost, and design. Then go for a tour of various wedding venues to book the suitable one. 

It would be better to have a wedding venue filter to search for catering options, capacity, parking, and many more to find a wedding venue that ticks all your priorities.

Wedding Venues Near Me in Laguna Beach

How to Choose a Wedding Venue

As your wedding venue plays a vital role in your special day, it’s the big decision you need to make right. 

Here are some tips on how to choose your perfect venue:

  1. Narrowing Down Your Search
  2. Choose a Venue That Has a Good Capacity
  3. Find the Perfect Location
  4. Make Sure It Fits Your Theme
  5. Your Selected Venue Provides What You Need According to Budget, Catering, Supplier, and Music

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5-Decide On Your Wedding Date 

When you wait until you book a wedding venue to choose a date for your marriage, it leaves more open options. As your selected venue will have many available dates to book. 

But keep in mind that you should select your wedding date as soon as possible. For example, weekends for popular venues fill up fast, so you have to hurry not to lose your favorite date. 

In case you have a tight budget, planning a weekday wedding would be a great option.

6-Choose Your Wedding Suppliers

This is the most significant decision of your wedding planning since it includes every aspect from photographers to florists. So, it is important to do it right. 

First, make a list of all the suppliers you need to hire. Your chosen wedding venue may share a list of recommended suppliers with you but make sure you search enough if you want something different. 

Connect with the wedding suppliers you think that suit your wedding style. Then you can consult with your partner to find what works your style and your budget. 

What Are The Main Wedding Suppliers? 

These are the main suppliers that you should look for:

  1. The Wedding Planner
  2. Caterer
  3. Hair and Makeup
  4. Music and DJ
  5. Photographer
  6. Photo Booth and Entertainment
  7. Cake Maker
  8. Stationer
  9. Florist
  10. Celebrant

7-Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Searching for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting and emotional aspects of wedding planning. You can begin your search with wedding dress photos online and then talk to the owners to book your appointments. The location, time, and theme of your wedding will determine the bridal dress that flatters you. 

Explore bridal boutiques near me to see a wide variety of options available for wedding gowns in 2021. 

As much as you see diverse silhouettes, you will be more clear on your favorite one. 

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Based on your wedding theme and venue, we can find a wedding gown that suits you. 

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8-The Final Checks

Now it is the last step of your wedding planning. After finding your theme, wedding dress, determining your wedding budget, and hiring suitable suppliers, finalizing all steps is required. 

Make sure to double-check the numbers and make sure everything is good and ready to go.

Laguna Bridal Boutique is honored to provide you with professional and excellent bridal services and fashionable wedding gowns for each body type. 

We help brides and grooms have a magical day as they have imagined in Orange County and Los Angeles City. 

Have a wedding coming up? We are here to help. Contact Us for any Further Information.

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