It is the perfect time to know the best wedding dress ideas for 2022 as most brides and grooms have postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To plan a wedding, one of the to-do lists is choosing a suitable wedding gown. However, some brides like to choose practical wedding dresses that are fun and comfortable; others seek fashionable and trendy ones. Experts and wedding dress designers guess that while some trends from 2021 will still be fashionable in the following year, some new wedding dress styles will be trendy. 

As the most luxurious bridal boutique in Laguna Beach, California, Laguna Bridal Boutique provides you with the best bridal gowns for every body type across Orange County and Los Angeles City. And now, in this blog, we have looked through the latest bridal, ready-to-wear, and stylish ideas for bridal gowns in 2022. Read on to get inspired. 

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1- Short Wedding Dress in 2022

Short wedding dresses are the best bridal trends for everyone who likes to have a casual ceremony or show off their wedding shoes. This 2022 trend is perfect for other wedding events like your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or wedding reception.

Also, buying a short or tea-length wedding dress means you won’t wear this dress just once. For brides who look for a minimal look, there are sleek fabrics short dresses designed in simple silhouettes. On the other hand, there are short dress styles that perfectly match new trends for fashionable brides. 

You should only figure out your body type and your style to find the perfect wedding dress.

The Best Wedding Dress For Each Body Type

Pros & Cons of Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

In fact, short wedding dresses are famous for their ease in walking down the aisle and dancing as you can move easily on the dance floor. They are also suitable for showing off your shoes. So, you could have more choices in wedding shoes. 

Moreover, If you have an outdoor wedding on hot days in summer, although other wedding dress styles can feel heavy and uncomfortable, short dresses make you feel great. 

On the other hand, they have some drawbacks too. By choosing this trend, you may have fewer bridal options. Also, this style is not formal at all. Even the most expensive ones will still not look as traditional as other wedding gowns like mermaid wedding dresses.

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2-Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses were popular years ago, but they are coming up mainly in 2022 with a modern spin.

Your wedding is the exact moment to express your sensitive emotions, and an off-the-shoulder dress wedding is all about romance. It can work with any fabric, which means you can wear this design no matter your wedding style.

Which Wedding Dress Silhouettes Match Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves? 

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses come from a variety of gown shapes. You will see a whole range of bridal gowns from Mermaid, A-line, to sheath silhouettes with off-the-shoulder sleeves. Therefore, you don’t have to limit your choices in shapes if you want to follow this trend in the following year. 

3-Jumpsuits, Suits & Pants

Jumpsuits and pants are incredible offers for brides who look for more stylish, sparkly, and sophisticated options. In 2022, it won’t be different, so if you want something unique, this trend is absolutely for you. 

These impressive wedding gowns are perfect for moving around the guests at the reception and mainly on the dance floor with ease. There are various choices and ways to suit your wedding dress style, with blazer-style dresses, jumpsuits, and bridal suits. 

4-Bridal Gown with Bishop Sleeves

Two thousand twenty-two wedding dresses are all about the sleeves. In the following year, puff sleeves are more famous. Especially off-the-shoulder sleeves or full-length Bishop sleeve designs have made their way into the world of bridal gowns.

Why Bishop Sleeves Are Still a Luxury Trend?

Long-sleeve wedding dresses have been fashionable, especially since Kate Middleton wore one of them at her wedding a decade ago. Because of that, they will continue to be a stylish trend in 2022 instead of tight lace sleeves. If you are looking for something different, Bishop sleeves loose for the arm’s length and fitted at the wrist are the perfect statement detail.

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5-Backless Wedding Dress

Look for making a statement in your wedding gown? The backless wedding dress should be your main style on your wedding day. This trend is all about the details from lace backs and beautiful hand beading for an unforgettable gown. For the ultimate glamour and drama look, backless wedding dresses are an ideal choice for any bride.

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Why Should You Choose Backless Wedding Dress in 2022?

This wedding dress idea is perfect for brides who like to sparkle and shine, as backless wedding dresses offer you a sense of drama and excitement. Besides a luxury look, they make you comfortable living your dream.

6-Wedding Dress with Stylish Bridal Jacket

One of the latest wedding dress trends will be wearing a bridal jacket with your wedding dress in 2022. If your style isn’t formal, it would be perfect to consider wearing a bridal jean jacket at your wedding or your bridal party.

Whether it’s a cropped moto jacket or an oversized bridal denim jacket, this is a gorgeous and cool trend that we absolutely love. CTA: Check Out Gemini Fusion’s Stylish Bridal Jacket Collection

7-Bridal Dresses with Square Necklines in 2022

If this trend may remind you of the 90s and early bridal styles, you are completely right. The square wedding dress neckline has been an old trend, but it will be in most weddings in 2022. That is why we love it, because not only are they from the past and offer a great old style, but also they are fashionable and modern enough in the following year.

Who Should Choose Square Wedding Dress Neckline?

The great news is that the square wedding dress neckline flatters both large and small busts, so it would be great for brides who look for plus-size wedding dresses too. This trend gives you support or coverage while also creating a luxury bridal look. Square necklines look incredibly chic on crepe and other structured fabrics.

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8-Minimalistic Wedding Dresses

During the pandemic, weddings have become more casual or informal. So we see simple, and minimal wedding dresses continue to trend in 2022. For example, bridal gowns without beading, lace, or tulle are ideal for the bride who search for a modern and sophisticated style but in a minimalist design such as beach wedding dresses.

The Best 8 Wedding Dresses For Beach Wedding Ceremony in Laguna Beach, OC

Stunning Details for Minimal Wedding Gowns

The minimal bridal dress doesn’t mean boring looks as they do not have specific details of other gowns. If you choose this trend in the following year, consider using details like pockets, subtle appliqués, or creative bridal accessories to add a luxury and simple look to your dress without the fuss.

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From short, bishop sleeves to backless wedding dresses, we have listed some of the most elegant wedding dress ideas that will be trendy in 2022.

Based in Laguna Beach, CA, Laguna Bridal Boutique offers every bride professional and excellent bridal services and fashionable wedding gowns for each body type.

We help brides and grooms have a magical day as they have imagined in Orange County and Los Angeles City.

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