No matter you want to be a modern bride or a classic one. The most important thing is that you know how to be one of them.

One of the most precious days in each woman’s life is her wedding day. A day your children or your grandchildren may talk about it for years and analyze everything by looking at the photos, even the fabric of the wedding dress. As the most luxurious bridal boutique in Orange County, California, we know whether you choose a modern or classic wedding dress, you may wear it only once in your life; that’s why it should be memorable.

So let’s see how you can make your wedding day memorable with your dress.

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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is probably the most crucial factor for women in the wedding ceremony. Before getting to the wedding ceremony, all the ladies have particular ideas and dreams about their bridal dress in their minds. For example, some people like to wear puffy clothes, and others are more interested in simpler ones. But it is better to match dreams with the reality of your body and its shape. Quality of the fabric, color, model, and some other factors are the points you have to consider.

Choose the Most Suitable Bridal Dress Fabric

Choosing the most suitable bridal dress fabric will make your dress fit your body most beautifully. The new model of wedding dress will be different with each fabric. There are various types of materials which a few of them are introduced to you as follow:

1. Mikado Fabric

Mikado is a thicker type than other silk combinations, such as chiffon and Satin. Such a fabric is suitable for those who prefer the new model of modern structured wedding dress. Mikado is a kind of heavy silk that does not wrinkle. This kind of fabric is recommended for winder ceremonies as it can protect the bride from the cold.

2. Silk

Modern Bride

Silk can be considered one of the most popular fabrics used for wedding dresses which are also very expensive. It is popular because this material never becomes old-fashioned. This fabric with a beautiful texture looks so clean. Although silk is not pure white, it gets an off-white shade. This fabric is a good option for ball gowns or mermaid ones. The lace skirts of the wedding dress should be decorated with ribbons, sequins, and beads.

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3. Tiffany

Many famous designers called Tiffany the king of fabrics. Inspired by the latest trend, Tiffany is an impressive simple fabric made of high-quality Satin.

4. Silk Chiffon

Silk Chiffon is a very light fabric that is made of the thinnest and softest silk threads. When you touch it, it is very soft but resistant. It is a pure and delicate fabric with a matte finish that conveys impeccability and sheer beauty. It has a natural look with a well-hanging shape.

5. Organza

Glassy silk is called organza, which is quite similar to thin, well-formed silk. Therefore, it can be very suitable for puffing the bride’s skirt. Organza is usually made the traditional way from woven silk, which eventually turns into a soft and light wedding dress. You can easily combine this material with any fabric, and you can use it as a top layer of the bride’s dress and skirt, the tail of the dress, and the chiffon of the bride in the new bridal dress model.

6. Lace or Satin to Look Classic Bride

If you like to be a classic bride, you should use materials like lace or Satin. Pay attention to the fabric. In general, silk, lace, and chiffon are always the best choice for this style. Choose a traditional dress with clean lines like empire waists, ball-gowns, or A-lines. You can make it yours with some accessories.

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Trendy Modern Wedding Dresses for Modern Brides

We have been using the creativity of fashion designers for several years to see models that show cultural and taste differences well and observe diversity in the market.

Let’s have a look at some of these designs which have become trendy these days:

1. Mermaid style

The mermaid model fits and sticks to the body, so it is considered a luxury model. The new wedding dress model designers have recently added a lot of beauty and elegance to this model by adding long tails or other designs. This model is one of the most remarkable current trends.

If you want to look sexy, this type of dress is ideal for you. The mermaid dress focus is on its stunning skirt and tail, and it causes your entrance and exit to stop for a while. From lustering and simple to glamorous and sexy, this dress is ideal for showing off your shape.

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2. Boho Style

Boho style is ideal for a bride who wants to experience a dreamy and effortless wedding day. This type of wedding gown gives you a feeling of wonder and lust. A combination of natural, vintage, and rustic details is what you see in this type of dress. So, from beach wedding ceremonies to romantic dreams, Boho bridal dress is the style you are looking for.

3. Tea-Length Style

Tea-length styles, which had been popular in the 40s and 50s, have come back again as wedding dresses. These gowns often have a nipped waist, full skirt, and some details such as embroidery, lace, bow, and so on. This classic short dress reminds you of a famous bride named Audrey Hepburn, who won this symbolic dress in the movie Face Funny. The tea-length style is suitable for those brides who want to be casual but still classic on their wedding day.

If you want the modern design of a tea-length dress to look a little bit traditional, add a veil to it or wear a pair of gloves with it.

4. Transparent Wedding Dress

Transparent wedding dresses are trendy in the world of wedding fashion. This gorgeous model with delicate fabrics and embroidery will be a bold choice for the wedding day. This type of bridal dress is not only sexy but also contemporary and feminine. This trend is there to show your beautiful body by showing your shoulder, back with cleavage.

It ensures you that you will have your guests’ full attention when you walk through the hall.

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5. Wedding Dress with Pants, Suit, and Jumpsuit

Every year, in the collection of wedding dresses, several suits or jumpsuits are seen to be an option for modern brides who do not want to wear a gown. In the 2021 wedding dress trend, this model is one of the other available wedding dress options, just like years ago.

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Choosing the right bridal dress for your wedding night can be the difficult part of your wedding planning. Many women go to some boutiques with a set of ideas about their dream dress, but they don’t like them when they wear them. So, trust our bridal consultants to help you and choose the best gown for you based on your dream dress and what suits you the best. Then being a classic or modern bride, you will be the unique star of your wedding day.

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