Mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid wedding dresses are designed to show feminine curves. This model is welcomed among women looking to make the most of their figure. Mermaid wedding gowns create a curvy and sensual look. Also known as the fishtail style, mermaid dresses are closely fitted into the bodice all the way down to the knee. It is a flattering silhouette that shows off your shape the most out of any style. A mermaid wedding dress is one of the brides’ most timeless and sexiest choices. The silhouette is beautifully contoured to the body, giving you the perfect hourglass shape, and at the knees, the gown flows out to the floor.

When discussing the perfect wedding dress, brides have many specific styles in mind, be careful about being set on one silhouette before selecting your dress. Falling in love with a gown on a model or a hanger is different from liking it once you wear it, so trying on one of every silhouette can be helpful to gain an over: you might be surprised what ends up stealing your heart. But before picking this style, there are some points to consider. This blog post will talk about five things you need to know about mermaid-cut wedding dress style.

Mermaid wedding dresses

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Flattering and unforgettable

This silhouette is flattering on any figure. You need to get the perfect fit. If you have curves, you can show them. If you have a straighter body shape, a professional play with the neckline or skirt helps you have a more hourglass shape. The mermaid-style wedding dress will guarantee a unique look because it brings out the best in the brides who wear it. This style is designed to enhance your figure. Compared with other styles like boho wedding dresses or A-line wedding gowns, mermaid wedding gowns are the sexiest and most timeless choice for brides.

Mermaid wedding dresses

Versatile Look

Mermaid wedding gowns come in all styles and make various sensual looks. Mermaid gowns are available with floral lace, open back encrusted with rhinestones, and delicate with heart neckline and tulle—sexy mermaid wedding dress play-up natural curves. As a bride, you want to leave your partner speechless the moment the groom sees you. If you choose a mermaid style, you’ll make a significant impact. The impact of this dress is different because of presenting a feminine silhouette.

Mermaid wedding dresses

Focus on Special Details

Mermaid wedding gowns are popular among brides because of the details they feature. It’s important to try on the mermaid model in person. Lace mermaid wedding dresses are delicate and seductive. It would be impossible to ignore the beauty. If you’re concerned with being stylish and current, mermaid wedding dresses might be the perfect fit.

let you move

Well, mermaid-cut wedding dresses are lightweight, so they’re easier for moving around comfortably and dancing all night long!

Mermaid wedding dresses

The possibility of adding creative details to mermaid-style wedding dresses turns them into the latest trends. The adaptability, natural charm, and timeless beauty make the mermaid wedding gown a fashion-forward style.

Mermaid wedding dresses


Select your dream wedding dress with caution. Knowing your body type and opting for the most appropriate gown is important.

1. Brides with broad shoulder and hip and a narrow waist (Hourglass body shape)

2. Brides with a broader shoulder compared to the hips (Inverted triangle body shape)

3. Brides with shoulder, hips, and waist in equal width (Rectangle body shape)

If your body shape is among the types mentioned above, then a mermaid wedding dress is a perfect choice for you. Fitted silhouettes will look gorgeous on you and show your body curves correctly. Gorgeous mermaid wedding gowns available in Laguna Bridal Boutique


Every bride has a dream of having a flawless wedding gown. Brides are excited about wearing the best wedding dress to fit their bodies perfectly. When choosing the perfect wedding gown, there are some points to consider not to ruin the bride’s wedding day. Mermaid wedding gowns are known as one of the most popular dress cuts. This gown hugs a bride’s body down to the hips. If this wedding type is a proper fit, you feel absolutely gorgeous, but there are certain factors to consider when you want to get one. When choosing a mermaid wedding gown, there are the top four don’ts.

Mermaid wedding dresses

A Short Torso or Long Torso

The beauty of a mermaid-cut wedding dress shows your body most pleasingly. If you have a short torso, a mermaid-cut wedding dress is not suitable. The tightness of this wedding gown will magnify the shortness of your torso and make your waistline looks wider.

Similarly, brides who have a longer torso are not an ideal case for a mermaid-cut wedding dress because the mermaid cur magnifies your long torso.

Mermaid wedding dresses

Broader Shoulders or Wider Hips

The body-hugging of mermaid wedding gowns magnifies certain areas of the body, especially the shoulders and hips. Brides with broad shoulders look more muscular and are not ideal cases for this particular wedding cut. A mermaid-cut wedding dress makes your shoulder appear much broader if you have a rectangle or inverted triangle body shape.

But if you are among the brides who always dream about wearing a mermaid-cut wedding dress, there are some ways to help you balance your shoulders.

First of all, select a wedding dress with thinner straps or strapless. The emphasis won’t be on your shoulder. Choose a wedding gown with a trumpet button. This will help you reduce the attention on the shoulder. If you have a wide hip (pear-shaped body type), a mermaid-cut wedding dress will bring more emphasis to your hips and make them look bigger. If you want to balance that out, go for a wedding gown with off-the-shoulder details or a wider flare design at the bottom to cover the wide hips.

Petite Bride

If you are a petite bride (below 1.55 m), then the chances are that the wedding dress skirt might be too long. If you are a petite bride and wish to wear a mermaid-cut wedding gown, made-to-measure wedding dresses are an ideal service that the designer creates a wedding gown that is especially for you.

Mermaid wedding dresses

Uncomfortable With A Tight Fitting Wedding Gown

The mermaid-cut wedding dresses are not comfortable because it hugs the body very tightly. If you are not ready to feel uncomfortable as a bride, you should not consider wearing a mermaid wedding gown.


Mermaid wedding dresses are a trend forever. This fantastic wedding dress cut transforms a woman’s body into perfect hourglasses with feminine lines. Wearing a sexy mermaid wedding dress with a luxurious tail turns any girl into a real queen.

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