Do you take care of your wedding planning for 2022? Consider wearing a Mermaid wedding dress if you want to feel sexy on your wedding day based on your style. From its simple to a glamorous look, this is the perfect silhouette to show off your shape.

As a well-known luxury bridal boutique in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach, California, Laguna Bridal provides every bride the fashionable bridal gowns, including Mermaid, A-Line, Plus-size, and so many other wedding dresses styles across Orange County and Los Angeles City. 

Follow this blog to see our beautiful collections by the best wedding dress designers. But first, let’s go through the characteristics of a mermaid gown. 

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What Is a Mermaid Wedding Dress? 

The silhouette shows a slim and curve-hugging skirt that shapes the body from the chest to the knee and is flared thereon. The style emphasizes the waist and hips rather than narrowing them. 

Mermaid wedding gowns were trendy styles in the last decade that focused on the waist and hips. They are also stylish and modern for 2022, so consider wearing this fabulous wedding dress if you are about to plan a wedding. Step by Step Guide to a Luxury Wedding Planning in 2021

Although the trumpet wedding dress is like a mermaid gown, it is somehow different with its straight-lined skirt, which cuts in at the knees before creating the tight flared skirt. A trumpet gown is a more toned-down version of a mermaid dress. 

Which Body Type is Suitable for Mermaid Wedding Dresses? 

This wedding gown is perfect for brides who have a body type called Hourglass. If you have an hourglass shape, your hips and bust sizes are equal, but you have a defined waist. In other words, if you have a wide bust, narrow waist, and hips that are in a similar width to your shoulders, you have an hourglass figure.

This body shape is for women with a curvy silhouette and a tiny waist. An hourglass is the most comfortable body type to work with as it allows you to choose any kind of neckline. The dreamy wedding dress for these women can be a mermaid or trumpet.

Want to figure out your body type to find the perfect wedding dress? Click here. 

Why Choose a Mermaid Wedding Dress in 2022? 

Mermaid wedding dresses are well-known for their flattering silhouette. As they give you an hourglass figure, this wedding dress style is perfect for a romantic look. There are many different variations available to choose from. Knowing the benefits of mermaid dress will help you choose the right dress that flatters you the most. 

Here are the advantages of mermaid wedding dresses.

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Various Fashionable Choices 

Besides many fabrics such as Satin, silk, lace, and chiffon that can be used to make the mermaid wedding dress, this trend comes in various styles like V-neck and fishtail gowns incredibly puffy hem. In such dresses, brides will look modern and chic.

Make a Luxury Bridal Look with Relevant Details

You can match various bridal accessories with a mermaid wedding gown, such as a veil, tiara, and necklines. So, if you choose this wedding dress style, you can add valuable details to make a statement with a unique style. 

Great for Petite Brides

As the bodice of mermaid gowns adds length to the brides, they are great for small brides. 

It’s a dramatic and stunning look for petite brides that can be paired with a minimal neckline.

Fabolous Mermaid Wedding Dresses by Our Designers at Laguna Bridal 

At Laguna Bridal, we offer the most practical bridal services and the best collections of wedding dresses. So if you are about to plan a wedding, read on to see the most trendy mermaid gowns. 

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1- Mermaid Wedding with Long Sleeves #Ella 

This romantic mermaid gown with long bishop sleeves, plunge neckline, and deep square back is designed beautifully with silk crinkle tulle by one of our professional wedding dress designers, Adam Zohar.

This fabulous wedding dress comes from the Lago Collection, which is full of gorgeous wedding dresses that you have never seen before.

Check Lago Collection by Adam Zohar

2- #May 

May is a strapless corset top mermaid gown, designed with beaded lace applique and finishing with clean tulle bottom. This is a perfect and trendy choice for 2022.

This fabulous wedding dress comes from Kai Collection by one of our professional wedding dress designers, Adam Zohar.

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3- Romantic #Lara

Lara is a strapless sweetheart bustier top, mermaid gown with detachable arm straps. She is designed with 3D flowers throughout the dress.

This fabulous wedding dress comes from Kai Collection by one of our professional wedding dress designers, Adam Zohar.

4- Mermaid Wedding Dress with Bishop Sleeves #Isabella

Isabella is another strapless mermaid gown designed with 3D flowers throughout the gown. A pair of beautiful bishop sleeves are the best option to have two looks in one.

This beautiful bridal dress is designed by Pedram Couture, a well-known international designer.

5- Modern Mermaid Wedding Dress #Stella

Stella is a luxury mermaid gown that is a glamorous, timeless, lace mermaid gown. One of our professional designers named Pedram Couture designed this elegant bridal dress with a beaded bodice and lowered back.  

Take a Look at Laguna Collection by Pedram Couture

6- Luxury #Viviene

Viviene is a silk satin strapless mermaid gown with a fold-over straight neckline. This beautiful dress comes with a matching detachable half-over skirt. Our well-known international designer, named Pedram Couture, designed this fabulous bridal dress.

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As you have read, Laguna Bridal Boutique has mentioned the definition, benefits, styles of mermaid wedding dresses, and the exclusive collections of excellent wedding dress designers in 2022.

Located in Laguna Beach, CA, we help brides and grooms have a magical day as they have imagined in Orange County and Los Angeles City by offering the best bridal dresses.

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