Top 11 Wedding Dress Trends for the Modern Bride in OC [2023]

As the year 2023 draws near, women feel renewed hope and enthusiasm as they anticipate a return to normalcy amid the uncertainty they and their fiancés have endured during the wedding planning process. The country’s fashions are reflected in the creators’ visions for the 2023 wedding dress trends, which speak of hopes for stability blended with modern bridal accents and adventurous fresh perspectives.

This season’s offerings reflect our appreciation for independence and yearning for genuine expression, from airy bridal dresses composed of net and silks to radical new blouses designed with careful consideration for the woman in search of something truly unforgettable.

Designs that express the spirit and idea of what it means to feel incredibly gorgeous on your marriage day are created by combining color softness with ritual outfits and separates. Stores have responded to the shifting fashion market, providing brides with more choices for their special day.

1. Square necklines:

Despite its significance, brides often disregard the neckline of a dress when it comes to bridal design. Fortunately, designers again highlighted the importance of prioritizing such attention to detail. Although sweetheart necklines were all the rage for a while, square necklines made the main entrance this season.

All the dresses had square necklines and were cut in styles that would appeal to a bride with a more contemporary sense of style.

2. High-Low Hemlines:

In recent seasons of trending wedding gowns, we’ve seen medium and short lengths on the stage; it was all about the high-low hemline. This uneven pattern should be one to pursue if you want a dress that will make you the center of attention.

3. Floral Accents:

Flowers, especially huge flowers, will be significant wedding dress trends in the 2023s. A bride who values flowery details would adore this dress. Wearing a bridal gown with flower details will make you the center of attraction at any wedding location. Floral bridal gowns are perfect for today’s trending weddings because of their vivid colors and eye-catching designs.

4. Bridal Separates:

Traditional wedding dresses of 2023 will likely see new, modern takes on the form. When it comes to wedding dress fashion, the next wave is the most stylish yet. Separates are the way to go if you want to wear more than one bridal outfit. On your wedding day, you can look stunning with slacks or skirts and various blouses. Complete the charming simplicity of your ceremony by wearing bridal separates to your modest wedding.

5. High Neckline Wedding Gowns:

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These days, it’s common to see wedding dresses with high necklines. This neckline is fantastic since it can be paired with various dress styles. They bring style and character to a bridal wedding dress by introducing novel cuts, fabrics, and forms, such as the mermaid silhouette, figure-hugging lace gowns, and short bridal dresses. This style, which a variety of notable people have worn, is currently popular in bridal gowns.

6. Deep V-neckline:

One such season saw a significant rise in the popularity of deep V-necklines featured in most of the newest collections.

7. Balloon puff sleeves:

Popular styles throughout the 17th century are making a significant comeback; therefore, it should be a surprise that many fashion manufacturers have incorporated puff sleeves for this year. Designers have chosen softly flowing puff sleeves, working with see-through fabrics to provide just the perfect amount of fantasy, as a way to reinvent and modernize this cherished trend from the past.

This detail, whether in the form of a long sleeve or a shorter, more straightforward one, may dramatically alter the look of a garment, giving it more shape, volume, and romanticism.

8. Mock necks and High collars:

High collars, which provide closure in the front of your bridal gown and radiate modern royal beauty, like many other styles this year, have been rethought with a modern twist to avoid looking antiquated. Whether at the back of the neck or the shoulders, a high neckline on a bridal gown provides the most excellent coverage possible.

For a more subtle or eye-catching effect, go for cutouts, organza, or illusion panels. Dress to impress by reducing the hemline of your gown or pairing it with a high collar and a daring thigh-high split.

9. Colorful Hues:

After months of delays and cancellations, designers this season sought to expand upon the traditional wedding day color scheme by including unexpected hues and tones. While white, creamy, and pink ones will never go out of style, brides increasingly opt for less traditional shades like blush, ballerina, champagne, and even green, purple, and blue.

10. Voluminous ruffles:

Ruffles are a classic symbol of a bride’s wedding day, so we’re delighted to see them popping up in many Fall 2022 lines. With its large, voluminous skirts, ruffled hemlines, and layered lace, this flowing look is perfect for the woman who wants to look like a star.

11. Corset bodies:

The return of the corset dress has been accompanied by improvements that make it even more desirable. By utilizing this structural component, brides can highlight their shapes while still paying attention to the classic form of a wedding gown pattern.


The bridal gown business has been significantly impacted due to the preceding digital trends. You will have a strong basis on which wedding gown to go for on your big day if you have become familiar with the many designs of fashionable current trends of wedding dresses available this year.

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